Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

We now specialise in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

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The MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the UK.

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If you have an engine management or any other warning lights illuminated on your dash you are in good hands.

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Regular servicing is important to keep your vehicle running trouble-free.

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Oil Change

The key component in protecting your engine and prolonging its life.

Timing Belts

Not changing your timing belt at the required service point can be costly.

Engine & DPF Cleaning

Diesel engines benefit from a deep clean to the air intake and exhaust/DPF systems.

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A key component in your safety, brakes should be checked regularly.


We provide exhaust fitting services.

Front Wheel Alignment

Keep tyre wear in check by having your wheel alignment checked and adjusted.


Inspection of clutch wear and operation.


Inspection of transmission system on both manual and automatic cars.

Air Conditioning

Inspection and recharge of Air Conditioning Systems.


Inspection of tyres for wear and tear.

Engine Management

Check the engine management system.

Mechanical Repairs

Repairs of all mechanical aspects of a car.


Inspection for wear and tear of suspension components.

Vehicle Safety Checks

Full check of all safety equipment.

Diesel Diagnostics

Inspection of fuel delivery system on diesel engines.

Petrol Diagnostics

Inspection of the fuel delivery system on petrol engines.


Check the battery for charge and electrolyte levels.